Employment Issues during COVID-19

Employment Issues COVID

In this pandemic we are facing Employment Issues, Employment is a source of income, where both employer and employee are connected towards the common goal. The employee receives the entitlement for the category of work undertaken by him. But in the present environment, where the world is at standstill due to the pandemic coronavirus to regulate and promote the social distancing and promoting Work From Home.

As the lockdown had a severe impact on employment in all sectors, so the question arises whether the employees will be liable and bound to remunerate their employees in the present scenario where work in factors and other big organizations cannot be performed.

Forgiving clarifications o this point, the Ministry of Labour and Employment issued a circular dated 20.03.2020 requiring the employers/establishments to not to terminate employees and not to cut their wages and stating that all Employers of Public/private establishments are advised to extend their coordination by not terminating their employees’ particularly casual or contractual workers from jobs or reduce their wages.

Underemployment is also a major concern this time, as the economic consequences of the virus outbreak translate into reductions in working hours and wages. Self-employment in developing countries, which often serves to cushion the impact of changes, may not do so this time because of restrictions on the movement of people such as services providers and goods.

The Concept of Work from Home & Employment Issues

During a lockdown, we all are adopting the concept of Work from Home although there is no statutory definition or guidelines that may regulate the said concept. Hence employers make their own guidelines for the same. But industrial establishment which requires some physical presence of workers/employees to maintain its continuity such establishments can only continue after having permission from the administrative authorities.

Also the organisations have implemented some schemes where employees are provided an option to go on unpaid leaves but considering the implementation of lockdown such scheme may get effected and have ay cause worse situation for employees.

Retrenchment/ Termination

Organisations are having option of retrenchment /termination which includes the whole process like notice period, intimation to government authorities, payment of retrenchment etc. in this regard, lot of government advisory against termination of employees due to COVID-19.

Due to this pandemic situation there is a divide in the business community, where one group of business says that we need to look after our workers and need to work with unions to deal positively from this crisis  and there is other group which have simply taken an opportunity to lay off staff. In some cases they are taking government support and still laying off staff. And this scenario frames lack of wages and job guarantees.

Therefore, it concludes that job or employment protection is a major concern and it should be the next step of consideration by the government.  COVID-19 posed challenges in terms of technology also, so it is important not to abuse technology at the cost of both people’s physical and mental health.

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