Highlights of PM Modi’s address to the nation on 12 MAY 20

On 12 May, 2020 PM Narendra Modi address to nation and states that lockdown 4.0 will be different from the past three lockdowns and new economic relief package will be released to help India.

As said by PM Modi that this scenario of coronavirus has given us more understanding to deal with post coronavirus issue, the one way out is Self Dependent India. Indian culture and tradition had always believed in the philosophy of World as a one big family. Indian progress has contributed towards world peace and prosperity with the help of its citizens

Key Highlights of Speech:                     

-> The Five pillars of self dependence are:-

  • Economy
  • Infrastructure
  • System
  • Demography
  • Demand

-> A special economic package of ₹20 lakh Crores is announced which will boost commitment of being self dependence.

-> This economic package will help all sectors and details will be shared by Finance Minister before 18 May, 2020

  • Land, Labour, Liquidity and Laws are the focus areas.
  • Labours, farmers and middle class etc will be largely benefited.

-> Strict implementation of the policy will boost business and investment and now India needs to be ready for global competition.

-> To strengthen local markets, Be Vocal for your Local, Be Indian Buy Indian products and spread good words about it and promote Indian products and make them brand just like Khadi. Because the global brands we see today were once local, they grew after their citizens supported them.

-> In the meantime, India will follow all the restriction and social distancing while aiming for bigger gains.

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