Ministry of Home Affairs: New exemptions from Lockdown

Ministry of Home Affairs has issued an order to exempt certain activities under the consolidated revised guidelines which are as follows:

  • Social sector under clause 8(i) include bed side attendants and care givers of senior citizens residing in their homes.
  • Public utilities under clause 11(v) include recharge facilities for prepaid mobile connection.
  • Supply of essential goods under clause 13(i) include food processing units such as bread factories, milk processing plants, flour mills, dal mills etc. located in urban areas.
  • Additional agricultural and forestry items
  • Shops of educational books for students
  • Shops of electric fans
  • SOPs on sign-on/ sign-off for Indian seafarers at Indian ports and their movement

Relaxation under the above-mentioned items would not be applicable to Hotspots/containment zones. These activities would not be permitted in these zones.

However, as specified in the lockdown measures, National COVID-19 Directives and Standard Operating Procedure for social distancing for offices, workshops, factories and establishments must be ensured.


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