NIC Announces Modifications To E-Way Bill For Gold

The National Informatics Centre (NIC) has given updated e-Way Bill generating features for the transfer of gold. E-Way Bill generation has been made available for all intrastate and interstate gold transactions. EWaybill for Gold may be generated by the state’s taxpayers in accordance with the relevant state’s announcement.

The e-Waybill for Gold is accessible via a distinct option on the main menu. The characteristics of the e-Waybill for Gold are identical to those of a standard e-Waybill, with the exception that Part-B information will not be updated. The legitimacy of such an e-Waybill is determined by the pin-to-pin distance between the origin and the destination.

All products must fall within HSN Chapter 71 in order to generate an E-Waybill for gold shipments. If goods from other HSN chapters exist in addition to those from HSN chapter 71, the e-Waybill may be considered as a standard e-Waybill and created with Part-B data.

E-Way bill for Gold has undergone several functional modifications. Firstly, Part-B information cannot be altered. Second, modifications to the transporter are prohibited. Thirdly, it is impossible to produce a comprehensive EWB. In conclusion, it is permissible to extend an e-waybill without revising its Part-B information. Multi-vehicle facilities are also prohibited. The cancellation and rejection of e-way invoices, however, have not changed.

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