Officials of CGST, Delhi held one for fraudulently passing on fake ITC of Rs. 14.30 crore.

In the ongoing campaign against fake/bogus invoices and resultant availment of inadmissible Input Tax Credit (ITC), officers of CGST Commissionerate, Delhi have detected a case of issue of fake bills of Rs. 79.5 crore (approx).

Earlier, as well as cases of fake billing detected by the Delhi East Commissionerate in which two people were found involved in the issue of bogus invoices and had passed fake ITC of Rs 12 crore and Rs. 13.98 crore respectively through their firms and statements also revealed the name of the Chartered Accountant and stated that they had arranged and provided them fake bills/invoices of different firms on a commission basis.

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No custody on mere suspicion of Mis-classification of goods under Section 129 of CGST Act, 2017

Recently, the Kerela High Court has held that detention under section 129 of CGST Rule Act, 2017 can be justified only if there is a contravention of the provisions of the Act in relation to transportation of goods or their storage while in transit. Further, the Court stated that the authorities can detain goods if it is a case of ‘patent mis-description’. (Kerela High Court)

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