Government Calendars, Diaries to be Digital in the New Year

The Hon’ble Miniser for information and broadcasting launched the fully Digital App of the Government of India Diary and Calender, 2021. The Diary and Calendar App was launched in the Android and iOS mobile apps of the calendar and diary in an event.

The ‘GoI Calendar’ App is accessible to the general public along with Ministries, departments, and officials. The App shall be available from 15th January 2021 and can be downloaded from App Store, Google Play Store on

Presently the app is made available in two languages; English and Hindi. Very soon it will be available in 11 other Indian languages. Physical printing of wall, desktop calendars, diaries, and similar materials are discontinued by the Government. For digitalization and paperless governance, the launch of e-version of stationery items took place. In September 2019 an office memorandum for the same was issued by the Finance Minister.

The Green Initiative is expected to bring down the Government’s printing expenditure. Each month in the ‘GoI Calendar’ carries a theme, with an additional message; features one famous Indian personality. It also features official holidays, events and publications, and information on various government schemes. In the diary feature of the app, there are provisions for scheduling meetings, scheduling reminders for tasks, and taking notes.

Webinar on Optimizing HR: Improve Customer Experience & Business Outcomes

As the paper process in the working environment has gone digital in the year 2020 due to the COVID 19 pandemic, new challenges and commotions are being foreseen by HROrganizations.

A Webinar is being organized by Adobe for the IT and HR line of commercial leads and users –who are keen to improve digital workflows, workforce productivity, employee lifecycle management, and risk and compliance management.

The agenda for the webinar is:

  1. CXC’s transformative digital journey
  2. Approach to increase productivity
  3. Enhance Customer responsiveness
  4. Maintain adaptability in the ever-changing digital landscape

The webinar will be hosted by:

  1. Mr. Chris Thuell, his designation is Director, Risk & Compliance in CXC Global Organization.
  2. Mr. Chandra Sinnathamby, his designation is Head, Document Cloud Solutions at Adobe.

The webinar will be held on:

  • Thursday, 4 February 2021 @ 09:30 Am -10:15 Am (India)

To Register, CLICK HERE

The aim of this this webinar is to provide Practical resources and relevant information to support your digital transformation journey. Officers of EPFO are encouraged to register and take advantage of this virtual roundtable at no cost. Interested officers may register for this webinar at the URL mentioned above.

The Guidelines Related to Modification to the ESIC Hospitals Website:

A change has been made regarding the ESIC hospital website for future compliance in the ESIC Unified Website i.e. The modification to the previous ESI hospital website which was,

Documents which will be uploaded on the Micro Website of hospitals will be automatically  visible on the Unified Website‘’as well as on the ESIC hospital’s website.

Anyone who would be visiting the ESIC Hospitals website will automatically be directed to the URL Address unified Website, ‘

The Ministry of Petroleum is planning to bring Natural Gas under GST Regime

The Ministry of Petroleum and natural gas (MoPNG) has taken on board a proposal-moothed by the industry recent budget discussions and suggestions to bring natural gas within the ambi of GST.

This will ensure a uniform tax on gas throughout the country and lower its price for both industrial and domestic use, which may help increase its share in India’s energy mix from 6.2% to 15% by 2030. The above proposal will be placed before the GST Council after Stakeholder’s consultations. Under the pre-GST regime, industries and businesses faced a multiplicity of taxes that varied widely across states.

Director’s Remuneration declared as Salaries and subjected to TDS are not taxable-AAR

Recently, Rajasthan Appellate authority of Advance Ruling (AAR) ruled that the Director’s remuneration declared as Salaries and subjected to TDS are not taxable.

The Appellant is the manufacturer of bone China Crockery, Transfer Sheet Decalcomania, other utensils item and Moulds and Die.

Now, the Board of Directors of the appellant company consists of 6 directors. It has been submitted that all the Directors are performing all the duties and responsibilities and duties as per laws.

To read the full judgment, click here.

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