Notifications (March 2021)

Property Tax in Telangana can now be paid via Whatsapp

Telangana has introduced a dedicated WhatsApp channel to make property tax payments simpler. During the Covid-19 pandemic, the WhatsApp chatbot is intended to reduce crowding at municipal offices. With the introduction of this WhatsApp payment feature, the government also hopes to increase tax collection.

To use this facility send ‘Hi’ to CDMA using your registered mobile number to +91-9000253342.


Delhi East CGST Officials arrest man for input tax credit fraud of Rs 38.91 crore

Officers of the Central Goods and Service Tax (CGST) Commissionerate, Delhi East, developed information to unearth a network of fictitious firms used to produce and pass on fake Input Tax Credit (ITC) of Goods and Service Tax in the ongoing drive against fake billing operators (GST).

As per the reports, fake bills totaling Rs 216.06 crore, with fake Input Tax Credit (ITC) totaling Rs 38.91 crore are disclosed, with the sum expected to rise as the investigation continues.

The accused Shri Nihaluddin committed an offence under Section 132(1)(b) of the CGST Act, 2017, which is a cognizable and non-bailable offence under Section 132(5) and punishable under clause (i) of sub section 1 of Section 132 of the Act.

After the introduction of the GST Central Tax, the Delhi zone has made 28 arrests in different cases involving GST evasion totaling more than Rs. 4058.86 crore.


No TDS applicable on Indian Companies for amount Paid to Use Foreign Software ruled Supreme Court

The Supreme Court ruled on Tuesday that amount charged to international software manufacturers and suppliers for use or resale of computer software by end-user licence agreements are not tax deductible at source for Indian companies (EULA).

A three-judge bench headed by Justice Rohinton F. Nariman ruled that the consideration charged by Indian consumers for the use or sale of computer software could not be considered as a charge of royalty for the use of copyright in the computer software.

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