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Google Pay: Users in India can now receive money from Gpay users of the United States

Google’s entry into the $470 billion money transfer industry is a step forward in the company’s efforts to diversify its financial services offerings. To make money transfers more affordable and convenient Wise headquartered in London was established in 2011. Western Union continues to dominate the fund transfer market.

Google, an affiliate of Alphabet Inc, has announced foreign money transfer partnerships with money transfer organizations like Wise and Western Union Co for users of the U.S. payments app. Users of Google Pay in the United States will now send money to app users in India and Singapore. At the end of the year, Wise expects to have expanded to 80 countries and Western Union to 200.

Their partnership with Google Pay comes as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has resulted in an increase in online payments but a decrease in total money transfer flows. The amount of money sent home by migrant workers is expected to be down 14% from 2019. The latest money transfers feature intensifies the competition for customers’ money and data between technology companies and conventional financial institutions.


The privacy policy of WhatsApp is a set of rules that allows the messaging network to keep track of and share user data with its parent company, Facebook. Phone numbers and transactional data will be among the data that WhatsApp will have access to. Private messages are still end-to-end encrypted and hence safe and will remain so once WhatsApp’s new policy takes effect.

WhatsApp said: Facebook and other Facebook companies will have access to your information. This includes information on your account registration, transaction data, and service-related data. It also contains information about your mobile device, your IP address, and other details. 

WhatsApp has now removed its May 15 deadline for users to approve its disputed privacy policy change, claiming that refusing to accept the conditions would not result in account termination. 

The reminders people receive will gradually become frequent after a few weeks. Until you accept the changes, WhatsApp will have restricted functionality. This will not occur in the same way for all users at the same time. Although you won’t be able to see your chat list, you will be able to answer the incoming phone and video calls. You may read or react to a message by tapping on it if you have notifications enabled.  WhatsApp will stop sending messages and making calls to your phone after a few weeks. On Android or iPhone, you may obtain a report on your account and export your conversation history. You may get a report on your account and export your chats on your own.” This is what Whatsapp said.


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