Notifications (May 2021)

Delhi High Court has urged the Delhi Government to set a price limit for hospitals.

The Delhi High Court has ordered the Delhi government to issue a new order regulating expenses collected by private hospitals and nursing homes for Covid-19 patients’ treatment. The division bench of Justices Vipin Sanghi and Rekha Palli has requested that the issue be given “top priority,” claiming that, despite the fact, hospitals have set package prices, they are demanding money “over and above” from patients under several headings. The conference will include amicus curiae senior lawyer Rajshekhar Rao, according to the statement. 

In June 2020, the government published a circular restricting the cost of treatment for Covid-19 patients. Hospitals “are charging anything,” according to social media, and the government directive from June 2020 is not being implemented. According to the administration, the circular was not implemented in the sense of imposing pressure on hospitals.

The court stated that the reality on the ground cannot be ignored just because no complaints have been filed. “It’s all about the price. It is not an easy task, but someone must undertake it “The bench remarked.

Income tax returns to have provision for crypto disclosures

Specific crypto investors with assets worth more than Rs 50 lakh have asked the government to include certain clauses in the Income Tax Act that would require them to report their assets once a year. Cryptocurrency holders have asked the government to treat it as a digital asset. Individuals must report their cryptocurrency assets on their tax returns.

The ministry of corporate affairs has previously made it obligatory for businesses to report their benefit or loss on cryptocurrency transactions. The finance ministry, the commerce and industry ministry, and the Reserve Bank of India all received the recommendations. has proposed a five-point strategy framework for cryptocurrency regulation.

The Indian crypto group includes over 10 million investors with over $1 billion in funds, a regular trading volume of $350-500 million, over 300 startups, tens of thousands of employees, and hundreds of millions in sales and taxes. 

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman earlier said that the government would take a “calibrated” approach to cryptocurrency trading, in consultation with the RBI.


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