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SEBI’s Circular on the Format of Business Responsibility and Sustainability Report(“BRSR”)

SEBI has released a Circular containing the format of the Business Responsibility and Sustainability Report(“BRSR”), as per the decision taken at the SEBI Board meeting on March 25, 2021, to introduce new sustainability-based reporting standards.

The BRSR differs significantly from the previous Business Responsibility Report. It’s a big step toward making sustainability reporting as good as financial reporting. The criteria were finalized after careful deliberation and input from the public consultation. The most important disclosures are mentioned.

Sustainability reports based on internationally accepted monitoring mechanisms which be cross-referenced by listed entities. Cross-referencing between the BRSR and disclosures made within those systems is possible.

The BRSR is a program aimed at ensuring that investors have access to standardized disclosures on ESG parameters. It will enable investors to recognize and evaluate the challenges and opportunities associated with a company’s sustainability. Investors will be able to make smarter financial decisions with the help of this program. Higher ESG disclosure and accountability requirements would aid in attracting more capital.

The BRSR will apply to the top 1000 listed companies (by market capitalization) It will be optional in fiscal years 2021–22 and obligatory in fiscal years 2022–23. Companies, on the other hand, are urged to be early adopters of the new regulations. 

SEBI was one of the first regulators to require listed companies to report on their sustainability. The COVID pandemic has increased the importance of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) concerns for investors. If (ESG) investing becomes more mainstream, transparency standards must evolve to keep up. The BRSR is a significant step in the right direction.


At two Delhi-NCR hospitals, ESIC has built oxygen plants

Two hospitals in the Delhi NCR region have had oxygen generation plants built by the ESIC, which is part of the Ministry of Labour and Employment. A 440 LPM plant was constructed at the ESIC Hospital and Medical College in Faridabad today, while a 220 LPM plant was commissioned at the ESIC Hospital in Jhilmil, New Delhi. As a result, this will enable these hospitals to increase the number of ICU and ventilator beds available.

Union Minister of State Santosh Gangwar congratulated ESIC hospitals’ doctors, nurses, and paramedical workers on their accomplishments. He shared the expectation that they will maintain a positive attitude during the pandemic and continue to serve mankind with commitment.

ESIC is effectively assisting in the battle against COVID-19 by turning 30 hospitals throughout the country into Covid Dedicated Centers. These hospitals have approximately 4,200 beds, including 300 ICU beds and 250 ventilator beds. A dashboard has now been created to allow beneficiaries to see how many beds are available in these hospitals.

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