GST Latest Updates

Latest Notifications MSME’s, small dealer not to be affected by a mandatory 1 percent cash GST payment rule In Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs (CBIC) notification, now small businesses and dealers will not be impacted by the new Government rule of paying at least 1 percent of GST liability in cash with an … Read more

Increase GST Revenue? Let’s find out how

For implementing any law in India, the Government receives massive feedback and suggestion from all sectors and stakeholders.  Once the law is drafted, it has to undergo various amendments due to errors, changes in business scenarios, and challenges faced in adopting such provisions. In this article, we will learn about the techniques involved to increase … Read more

Decriminalizing Section 138 of the Negotiable Instrument Act, 1881. Whether Right or Wrong?

INTRODUCTION Negotiable Instrument is derived from two words i.e. Negotiable and Instrument which have different definition in context. “Negotiable means anything that is transferrable’ and “Instrument denotes to a written document”. Negotiable Instrument shall be of such nature that it should be in the form of writing and signed by the maker or drawer for … Read more


INTRODUCTION Nowadays winding-up of a private limited company, starting a company and running it, comes with new challenges and hurdles. It is said that “Winding up a business is a thousand times tedious task than starting one”. Shutting down a company involves a lot of documentation, combined with many closing operations accompanied by laying off … Read more

2020 Legal Remedies for Home Buyers other than RERA

Introduction–Legal Remedies The home buyers/owners in India are going through hard times, as developers are defaulting on their services and buyers are only getting false promises from them. The buyers need lawful regulators to seek justice. The Consumer Protection Act,1986, Section 2(1)(c) has come to the rescue of home buyers or owners, they can register … Read more