Role Of Media In Circulating COVID 19 Information


Role Of Media

Role Of Media – Covid 19 has been a dramatically devastating pandemic. Wuhan in Hubei province, china became the epicenter of coronavirus also known as Covid-19, in December 2019. The problem began when china didn’t inform the rest of the world about this virus.

The World Health Organisation was informed about this virus after 30th January 2020 and recognized it as a pandemic, on 11 March 2020 nearly after 3 months which was already spread in the major part of Wuhan. New research shows between 80% and 90% of people observe news and entertainment for an average of almost 24 hours during a typical week. The industry faces key opposition in the future of advertising and attention.

COVID-19 and Role Of Media

According to the news reports, Global markets are plunging, the global economy is in jeopardy. Coronavirus is killing thousands, it is a massive disease, which not only destructs our physical health but our mental health, as well as our social well-being. The virus is mainly spread by close contact by sneezing and coughing. Common symptoms are cold; fever and problem in breathing they rapidly fall to the ground or surfaces and are not generally spread through the air over large distances. People may also be infected by touching the surface of things or even touching their faces.

The above information was provided by media through different platforms of news articles and newsletter so it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the media played an important “Role in circulating the information about COVID-19.”

Through the media and social awareness, we got to know that, no cure is available. Lockdown has taken place, borders have been sealed, entire country is in quarantine. SARS, MARS, Ebola, these epidemics were health emergencies but what is scarier about coronavirus, which is unique and new that perhaps for the first time one’s life and livelihood, the world’s health and the world’s economy is at stake.

The media has been following every step of this journey – with multiple stories, constant headlines and continuous updates across the past few weeks. Here, we mention a look at some of the challenges that have been faced by journalists during the COVID-19 outbreak and how the media can play a role in containing COVID-19 and, potentially, save lives. We clearly understood a fact, with the help of Media that, it is an illness spread into the world and put the world into a gigantic ICU both health wise and economically.

Market research firm Nielsen said “social media volume saw a whopping 50X surge between January and March in India, in the wake of Covid-19 pandemic”. A senior official of the firm noted that social media buzz picked up from 0.4 million in January and 1.6 million in February to a staggering 20.3 million till March 24. The number reportedly spiked simultaneously as corona virus cases jumped from just one in January to the over 500 in March.

Every time the President Donald trump made any statement regarding the corona virus or calling the COVID-19 a Chinese virus it was always conveyed via different means of media. And when Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared ‘janta curfew’ for 21 days or ‘total lockdown for the whole of India’ even when he addressed the nation to show support for the people doing their respective duties during COVID-19, the social media noted a jump.

Celebrities, cricketers and politicians are urging people to follow the lockdown. A tread also set forth during this lockdown is work from home and online classes in schools and colleges via ZOOM, HANGOUT etc. which weren’t very popular earlier showed a sudden jump in their users. Social media buzz remarkably began buzzing mid-January with the initial news of the outbreak of the novel corona virus in Wuhan district of China. Pandemic updates followed by campaigns such as ‘Karo Namaste’ even the prince Charles of UK was found doing Namaste during a visit. Use of hand sanitizer and masks, to Safe Hands Challenge were also noted as triggers for social media uptick during the restricted living imposed during early March. Apps like Netflix and YouTube are being used more than ever, which resulted in the decline of their picture quality to compromise for the overload when social distancing and quarantining became the new norm.

Media was very helpful to let us know that; this pandemic has not only taken up lives but even put the lives of healthcare professionals at risk. This time in this war the soldiers to fight out this pandemic are, our doctors and nurses and they should be appreciated and protected.

Already the fear of getting infected by Covid 19 has led the public to act insane. We all witnessed through our eyes when we saw news channels reporting how public have started abusing, harassing and attacking medical professionals and the news reporters even reported that pelting of stones, walking naked in the hospitals to spread the Covid 19 flu on doctors and nurses in round, spatting on them took place. Citizens even started forcing them to evacuate their houses which has led to mentally putting them in a state which is not at all reasonable. Already they have a lot of pressure of work and the behaviour of public towards them should be supportive and not the other way around.


Governments around the world through the help of media, should give a definite nod to invest in a lot of health centres for a better future, as virus is not less than war anymore. Treatment approaches should be given more importance to. If the Government would not invest in these then we can expect another global failure very soon. We have benefits of all the science and technology out there, therefore we should be prepared. Global alertness and response systems are necessary.

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