Role of media in circulating information during COVID-19

Role of media – Media, pronounced as the watchdog for the society that means to be transparent, trustworthy for the populations out there. The situation through which the whole world is going through, the role of media increases even more, for all the transportation of news.

The corona virus disease (Covid 19) originated by the virus “Severe acute respiratory syndrome corona virus 2 (SARS- CoV- 2)” [2] is considered as the infectious disease, that is communicable in nature.

Role of media

The Media’s the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent and that’s power. Because they control the mind of the masses.

The treatment of this disease is yet not found, the world is just beating around the bush through different medicines and the vaccine, but the exact cure doesn’t found. Till now, we get only one remedy for this. i.e. social distancing, that converted the handshake era into Namaste era, resulted whole world untouched.

The whole world suffers from the physical distance only connected through media that puts the burden on the shoulder of media to be true and non-biased. We the people here are getting all the information’s regarding the covid-19 because of media through various kinds of that, like print media, broadcasting media, internet media, and these all are essentials and depend on the user what they want to use and what’s the availability in their location.

Media and COVID-19

The actual data regarding the death rate, the precautions we should take, the guidelines of the government, the area shouldn’t be visited, the locations where we get our necessities, the rumors about the disease, these all are possible only because of the media. Without any second thought media is playing their role perfectly and understanding their duty, that what to present and how to present.

If we give a look on the types of media, print media somehow started losing their value because of their physical availability; the misconception arose that newspapers and magazines are may be touched by any of the corona positive people that may lead this disease to be transferred to the entire one that will further touch that.

We are living in the era, where whole world connected digitally, that works on the basis of social and internet media, every individual have Smart phones in their hand, that help them to access what and when they want to see. It is correctly said, that media controls our mind that can read your mind, analyze your mind and make you watch only that, you want to see. In this condition of the world, where we can’t meet anyone, we can’t be witness of any event happening outside there, the only medium we rely is the media that put the things in which way they want. Every absence shows us the reason to the importance of that thing.

Just assume the situation, if there is non- availability of the media, we can’t get any of the news regarding covid-19, we can’t get any actual figure of the patients suffering, we can’t know how government dealing with this situation, we can’t have any idea what are the do and don’t as a precautions, and how to deal with it.

We can’t even assume this situation, and don’t even want to, this shows the real importance of media. Every coin has two sides, just like the media, if they have the ability to control our mind than that may be in the negative way and can present the positive thing into negative one, that can’t be resisted. In this critical condition, where every individual going through the fear and panic, sometimes instead of their duty, media just help the rumors to get fired without any attempt to find the truth behind that.

When the whole country is fighting from this disease, media have to focus on the cure not to being the reason for many other problems without any proof.

Various news we all read every single day and blindly believes all the facts, statistics, logics written in this without even trying to find the truth behind that, that can be the news of Hindu- Muslim community, the death rate, the reasons of the death of religious leaders, etc,  this is what the role of media! It plays a vital role in covid-19, with both positive and negative impact.

If media is helpful in the awareness towards the diseases, they also responsible for the fake videos and the statement that resulted in the community battle, if media is helpful by providing the figure of death rates it is also responsible for hiding the actual data of the death around the globe.


This is non resisted truth, that we all are fully dependent on media, about all the information’s in this epidemic situation, and with great power comes great responsibility, that also give the responsibility to media to be filtered about the truth and unbiased with facts with the motto to focus on the cure, not to inbuilt any other issues other than this pandemic.

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[1] Founder of Muhammad Speaks, Role in “Black Nationalism”.

[2] ICTV announced as the name of new virus on 11 February 2020. 

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