Safety, Shelter and Food Security of Migrant Labourers

During this lockdown period, the part which is facing severe impact is the daily wage earners and the migrant workers. Cabinet Secretary writes to all states/UTs to ensure Safety, Shelter and Food security of Migrant Labourers.

In this communication, Cabinet Secretary directs all District Collectors to immediately undertake a review of the situation. They may appoint nodal officers, if not already appointed, for coordinating and monitoring the issues related to migrant labourers. In metropolitan areas, Municipal Commissioners may be assigned the responsibility of implementation of welfare measures.  

If further states that all districts may undertake a comprehensive enumeration of migrant labourers and stranded persons and make all necessary arrangements for providing food and shelter for them.

 Each relief camp should be made and under the charge of a senior officer. They may also enlist the support of civil society organizations and the network of mid-day meal facilities to provide food for all the stranded persons and migrant labourers during the period of lockdown. Psycho-social counseling may also be provided to such persons.


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