SEBI Encourages Investors To Use The Scores Platform To Make Complaints

SEBI advised all recognized stock exchanges, including commodity derivatives exchanges, depositories, and clearing corporations, to display the information on the home page of their websites and mobile apps to direct investors to the SCORES website in order to raise awareness about online mechanisms for investor grievance redress.

SCORES is an online platform that allows investors to file securities market complaints with SEBI online against listed businesses and SEBI authorised intermediaries. SCORES handles all complaints filed by SEBI against listed businesses and SEBI-registered intermediaries.

Investors who have approached a listed firm or registered intermediary for a redress of a complaint and had it rejected or not communicated may file a complaint on SCORES within three years of the date of the cause of complaint. If the investor is dissatisfied with the resolution of the issue, he or she must file a complaint against it with SEBI. If the investor does not respond within 15 days of receiving the company’s response, it is assumed that the investor is satisfied with the resolution and the complaint is closed.


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