Supreme Court: MHA order for payment of full wages during lockdown is implemented or not?

Due to national lockdown, the Union Ministry of Home Affairs issued a fresh order directing that employers should pay wages to their workers at their place of work without deduction during the period of lockdown.

Highlights of the order:

  • The order restrains landlords from collecting rent for a period of one month from workers, including migrant workers, living in rented accommodation.
  • The order directs state authorities to ensure that state and district borders are effectively closed and people do not move across these boundaries during lockdown.
  • Only movement of goods should be allowed.
  • Adequate arrangement for food and shelter of poor and needy people including migrant labourers is made at the place of their work.
  • To ensure timely payment of wages to labourer at their place of work during the period of lockdown without any cut.

Supreme Court seeking the plan of action regarding implementation of MHA notification for payment of full wages to employees during lockdown, the Supreme Court directed the centre to place its policy on record in this regard and two week time has been granted to centre to file its response for the same.

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