MCA Notifies Companies (CSR Policy) Amendment Rules 2022

– A company having any amount in its unspent CSR Account shall constitute a CSR committee and shall comply with provisions contained in sub- clause 2 of the Section 135(6) of the above-mentioned Act.

“If section 135(1) of the Companies Act 2013 is once applicable, a company shall comply with the entire CSR provisions unless it ceases to meet the criteria during the next three years.”

In rule 8, sub rule 3, in clause (c), – In place of 5%, the word 2% shall be substituted. – Substitution of word “whichever is higher”, in place of the word “whichever is less”. – In the said rule, for Annexure II, new Annexure format shall be substituted.

“Provided further that a company having any amount in its Unspent Corporate Social Responsibility Account as per sub-section (6) of section 135 shall constitute a CSR Committee and comply with the provisions contained in sub-sections (2) to (6) of the said section.”; and

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