NIC Announces Modifications To E-Way Bill For Gold 

According to the GST Committee, the e-way bill prerequisite has been set down for the transportation of gold falling under the HSN Part 71 for generally Highway and Intrastate exchanges.

The citizens in a state might make an e-way bill for gold according to the notice distributed by their particular states. One can produce an e-way bill for gold through an alternate window on the primary menu.

One can explore from their dashboard to the tab 'e-way bill' on the left-hand side of the dashboard → click on 'EWB for Gold' to enter the Section A subtleties. It opens up the 'e-way bill for gold passage structure' where the client needs to enter the receipt subtleties, shipper and beneficiary location.

The boundaries to make an e-way bill for gold are equivalent to any ordinary e-way bill. Be that as it may, citizens need not update e-way charges with the Part-B vehicle/carrier subtleties. Such exclusion is given because of security reasons.

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