Sebi bans individuals, entities for unauthorised investment advisory

Sebi led an assessment regarding this situation and gave a substitute ex parte request cum-show-cause notice dated November 26, 2019 against the elements and guided them to cut it out from waiting/going about as venture consultant and exploration investigator and further disallowed them from the protections markets until additional orders.

Moreover, they will not embrace venture warning administrations or any action in the protections markets without getting a testament of enlistment from Sebi either straightforwardly or by implication during or after the expiry of the debarment time frame.

In the mean time, in a different request, the controller slapped a fine of Rs 10 lakh on 9 substances for disregarding administrative standards in the question of SI Capital and Finance Services Ltd.

Sebi on Tuesday banned two people and two elements from the protections market for offering warning types of assistance without market controller's authorisation. 

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