Why COPYRIGHT is important?

  • The moment a person fetches the copyright protection on his/her work, they enjoy the copyright protection for a lifetime. In India, copyright can last for a term of 60 years,
  • On the following works, copyright can be taken; Fashion Designs, Films, Literary Work, Manuscripts, Music, Paintings, Performance, Software, Training Manuals, etc.
  • The Indian Copyright Act, 1957 is the operative law that governs copyright in India. Copyright is defined under Section 13 of the Copyright Act, 1957. The marginal note of Section 13 reads the meaning of copyright and in the main language of Section 13, it describes different things on which copyright can be conferred or given.
  • Copyright is considered as our right in the form of a monopoly as the originality of work is the prerequisite to be proved for obtaining protection on that work (for example- artistic work or literary work). 
  • In the case, of Intellectual Property, it is conferred to a person on his/her intellectual creation, it can be anything as there are several manifestations of a human mind and in the case of copyright, it is literary work, dramatic work, sound recordings, etc.
  • In the cases of patents; inventions are the creations of the human mind and in the case of trademarks; designs, labels, logo, and signature, which are some of the examples of the creations of the human mind.
  • Therefore, whenever anyone comes up with any intellectual creation in any of these forms, that person needs to be given protection and reward for their creativity.

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